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Leveraging Business Intelligence to Increase the Power of a New Brand


Creating the identity for a new brand is made easier and more effective with plenty of background and research. Here I worked with the client to uncover meaningful information on its products, customers and competitors to create an identity and positioning for coherent and enduring copy.

The Client

A newly developed range of juices, balanced juice cleanses and natural supplements, designed by a top nutritionist, available to order for delivery nationally.

The Challenge

Being new to a fiercely competitive market the client needed to differentiate the brand and its offerings, while making wellness education the core of the brand identity.

The Solution

Being a completely new range of offerings with a unique value proposition, I took the client through a discovery process that identified all the key factors that would most powerfully position the brand in its market. This made the task of writing focused copy much faster, along with designing a customer experience and journey that seamlessly takes the website user from landing age to purchase – reinforcing value at each step. I also came up with products names for the range within a naming framework that makes it easier to add products as the business grows.

The Result

An easy to understand and comprehensive range of benefits for a brand that is unique and instantly recognisable, built on a platform that can be expanded as the business grows.

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