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Client Testimonials

YOU KNOW A GOOD WRITER writes better than anyone in-house, but will they understand your business and what you are trying to say, will they know how to make the most of the various media, especially the all important web site? Can they handle complexity and make it read clearly and simply? And will they be able to work to your deadlines which are always very tight?

Write Concepts delivers on this. One thing that impressed me particularly was the background research that Vince does – he constantly keeps on top of latest best practice in his field and was more knowledgeable about writing and messaging for the Internet than we were. He was also a very good team player and got the best out of all of us to help him deliver what we needed. Definitely someone I’d work with again.

Mark Sherrington

Founder, Added Value Group; Former Global Marketing Director, SABMiller

VINCE’S ENTHUSIASM, CAREFUL ATTENTION to detail and expertise in copywriting make him a highly personable and creative professional who is a pleasure to work with. He is a multi-dimensional thinker who leaves no stone unturned.

I recommend him without reservation.


Jono Lewis

SMB Customer Strategy UK, Google for Work

VINCE POSITIONED OUR MESSAGE CLEARLY and made the point that fast email response is not only vital but a real competitive advantage for businesses online. The exposure we got was not only surprisingly broad but much more cost-effective than we expected. Along with the search-optimised content, many more people know the importance of replying to emails faster and are using timetoreply as a result.

Dane Spear

Founder & CEO, Timetoreply Ltd.

Vince is a brilliant creative problem solver. I present him with challenges on a regular basis and he always comes up with the goods. He created the name and tagline for my radio show, which perfectly encapsulated what the station was looking for. His thinking and advice continually improve results, whatever we are working on.

He is familiar with the way in which different companies and industries work, so can call on different strategies to suit the occasion. And because he continuously reads and improves his own learning, he is a genius at coming up with solutions to business challenges – an asset to any company or individual that needs relevant knowledge and different thinking brought to the table.

Vince’s high writing standards mean that his copy is always perfect – and he makes sure that mine is the best that I can produce. A recent example was my short bio, that he took through seven or eight drafts until he was happy.

Personally, Vince is always a listening ear, highly aware and ideal to have in a modern corporate setting, as he brings humanity and compassion to all situations. Being affable and easy-going, he can handle stress easily and, as such, is a vital team player; able to reflect and deliver, however chaotic or pressurised the environment.

Rani Singh

Broadcast journalist and producer

VINCE HAS DONE WORK for a few of my clients through me. One of them went on to win an award and on others, his skills have helped bring their sites to page one, or even number one on Google!

I would undoubtedly recommend Vince if you want professional copy written.

Ross Allchorn

Allchorn Design

WE ARE EXPERTS IN A NARROW INDUSTRY VERTICAL, but our target audience consists of mainly sophisticated business and financial decision makers. These people expect quality writing with clear messages in a language they understand.

Vince’s understanding of technology and ICT concepts formed the necessary foundation for us to explain exactly what we wanted to convey. He gave a valuable outside perspective on our communications and was up to speed in plenty of time … Vince’s approach was not prescriptive, but “translating” our message into interesting and understandable copy to reach decision makers who are not necessarily technically knowledgeable.

In hindsight we should have started using Write Concepts earlier. It saves us valuable time and relieves us from the stress of updating essential business documentation, which usually tends to be neglected due to the effort it takes us to “try” to do I good job of it.

Lo-Ammi Fourie

CEO, Data Afrique

I HAD AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE working with Vince. He’s very talented at what he does and manages to pierce through the information you provide, to deliver that clear concise message. I will most certainly be using his services in the future and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who needs an expert copywriter.

Andrew Green

Partner, Omniform

WE THOROUGHLY ENJOY WORKING WITH VINCE. He has the ability to understand the brief (through years of experience) and the knowledge to write strategically in the tone required for the target audience.

Vince gets the job completed in a professional and efficient manner, is great at writing with SEO in mind and is trustworthy and stable.

Ashley Adir

Managing Director, Vegas Kings

WHAT’S THE BIGGEST HURDLE WHEN PLANNING AN EFFECTIVE BUSINESS WEBSITE? Budget Budget Budget! However the value in uniformity as well as easy-reading and flowing text is invaluable for a professional services website like ours.

Fortunately Vince gave us excellent results from just 1 meeting and 2 e-mails, so the time involved was used extremely effectively. As well as quality copy – with all the right grammar and spelling in place – we also get good search results from well-written brand messages, all within the limited space of a website.

Our website clearly shows that going the Write Concepts route is a good business decision!

Jacolet van Heerden

Exceed Group

VINCE’S PROFESSIONALISM AND EXPERIENCE give him a head start in understanding any copy brief, and to ask the important questions. His smart thinking and outside-the-box ideas mean he includes all necessary factors so the message performs well and appeals to either the broadest of communities or niche groups.

Mick Durham

Senior Executive: Business Development, Sales, eLearning/Blended Learning & Development, SAM Learning

AT AZAPI WE LIKE WORKING WITH PEOPLE that take pride in their service or product. We certainly have been getting this type of service from you. You are always open to suggestions, easy going, but have the right attitude to educate us in the right direction, which is greatly appreciated. You’ve been helpful in bringing us to understand the real value of professional copywriting with fast, effective work and we’ve really enjoyed working with you.

I’d like all our clients to be able to access your services and learn the value you can bring to their businesses. We’re working on it!

Jacobus van Niekerk

Managing Director, Azapi Online Marketing

IN TERMS OF WORK ETHIC AND QUALITY OF EXECUTION, Vince ranks right up there with the best. But perhaps the most notable contribution to his field is his genuine interest in promoting the growth and stimulation of those he’s working with.

Vince is eager to offer invaluable insight and support to those he works with at the expense of his own time and effort, which means the added value you are receiving on top of his services far outweighs what you originally started out trying to achieve.

Virginia Tayler

Simplah Creative

VINCE WROTE ADVERTISING COPY FOR US WITH GREAT RESULTS. He brought with him a high level of professional knowledge, whilst not losing sight of our own thoughts. He was honest but accurate with his delivery deadline and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Jack Honey

Director, 24/7 Online

VINCE HELPED ME IMPROVE MY NON-FICTION BOOK PROPOSAL and make it agent-ready, and gave excellent overall support in the process. He discussed my vision for the book, the scope of his work and approach to editing in detail. Then he gave helpful comments on the text, advised to widen the scope of narrative to make it interesting to the intended audience. He also raised very relevant questions, which I hadn’t thought about, but which made my ideas and arguments more clear and effective. Vince is a first-class editor and copywriter who works creatively and effectively with a wide range of topics and sectors. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a fresh perspective on their writing and personalised feedback and tips on how to improve it.

Katya Peremanova, CFA

I LOVED WORKING WITH WRITE CONCEPTS as Vince really worked to understand the nuts and bolts of my business. Vince is a professional who understands sales and business. I found him very knowledgeable and his input gave me much new perspective. What I like most is that the service is quick, easy and convenient and also took a load off.

Margi Smith

Managing Director, Home Focus Magazine

WRITE CONCEPTS – THANK YOU for all your help with our print campaign, your professional and speedy input made this campaign a great success. Our sales doubled since the campaign was launched.

Marcques Kotze

Director, Veldpharm

VINCE YOU ARE A WIZARD with words. The pen is in your hand and you write my story.

Dilana Howell

Owner and Founder, Going4Gold International

WE HAVE ENGAGED VINCE AND WRITE CONCEPTS to produce various copy, promoting new product and press releases on our behalf. We have been greatly satisfied with the results, particularly impressed with the creative input, accuracy and ability to hit tough time-scales.

Oliver Reavey

Managing Director, Textlock

VINCE IS A TOP NOTCH COPYWRITER who takes the time to understand your business or service from the inside, immersing himself in your brand values, marketplace, and products in order to create the best possible result. Always a source of great ideas his lateral thinking is an asset to any editorial or marketing campaign.

Vince’s writing style is second to none but it’s his understanding of how to harness the web, social networks, and cutting edge technologies that really set him aside from the rest of the pack.

Philip Jordan

Director, Essential Travel Ltd

VINCE, THE RESULT of your brilliant strategic communication has contributed to MTN’s global expansion and helped us achieve unprecedented growth at MTN. You quickly understood the business objective and presented our case so compellingly that it won the hearts and minds of a foreign, initially sceptical, audience.

Larry Annetts

Chief Marketing Officer, MTN South Africa

THE INITIAL CHALLENGE was how to relate complex ideas and concepts in a logical and understandable style, and to a discerning international readership – not a simple task. As the book came together, Vince’s clear advantages of business acumen and empathy with the reader became clear and led to the creation of a quality business publication, fuelled by highly skilled writing and plenty of great ideas along the way.

Christopher M A Staines BSc FCA

Greenhouse Venture Capital (Pty) Ltd

VINCE IS A CONSUMMATE PROFESSIONAL WORDSMITH and one of the best in the business for getting the client’s message across – accurately, effectively and always keeping it very real … He is open-minded, can see the long game and doesn’t assume.

Work with him. You’ll reap the benefit.

Simon Sutch

Grantham Sutch Associates Ltd

AT FIRST MY CONCERNS about hiring a professional writer were about where to find a good one and thinking the benefits would be something only big companies get. This was not the case. You gave me a clear indication of what I will get, what it will cost and when I will get it. The best thing was you really got into my head to understand 100% what message I wanted to get across. And then came back with something even better!

The great thing is your interest in your clients. You really have a great ability to lead your client, you research every project well, giving you a great knowledge about the project, and then discuss it with your client to get their creative juices flowing.

I never realised how important professional copy was, and what it can do for a business, until I started using your services.

Wim van Ryswyk

Director, BrandOn Creative

Vince’s aptitude with words never fails to leave me completely bewildered. He has never failed to turn out first-class work and I highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to have a job done well and professionally.

Kitty Emsley


VINCE HAS BEEN AN ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to work with, his enthusiasm and professional input have been of real value to my business. It is evident that copywriting and out-the-box thinking is Vince’s core competency, which results in optimized content and increased sales.

Moshe Adir

Director, Clickology Interactive

VINCE WAS VERY PROFESSIONAL AND PROVIDED OUR COMPANY with timeous, accurate and very well written material for one of our websites. It was a pleasure working with Vince. He has a very likeable personality and clearly has a real flair for copy writing.

Brian Shirk

Director, Informed Healthcare Solutions

THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE … the copy is leaps and bounds ahead of anything we could have put together.

Courtney Atkinson

Brand Manager, RisCura

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