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How I Write For You

1. We have a preliminary discussion, over the phone, by Skype, in person or via email, so I can get a rough idea of your project and ask questions necessary to give you an accurate quotation.

2. You brief me on the project. If you’re not sure how to do this I’ll help you define the creative brief and project steps, confirming in writing so you have a clear indication of how work will proceed.

3. Discovery. I conduct whatever research, interviews or background gathering is required to meet your copy objectives. Once the necessary background and briefing materials have been gathered, I organise them appropriately and start writing for you.

4. (Optional) Copy platform. If you want an idea of the style and voice of the copy in advance, I can prepare samples for you – headlines, sentences, phrases and statements for your approval that will characterise the look and feel of the final content.

5. Writing. I write the first draft of your copy, usually in separate drafts for each part of the project and including any directions, notes and diagrams that will help to guide designers and production professionals.

6. Review. You review the copy I have written and request whatever changes or additions you would like me to make, either directly onto the draft or using Track Changes in MSWord.

7. Revisions. I address each of your revision requests, updating your material accordingly.

8. Approval. When you are happy you approve the copy and send it to your designer, output provider, producer etc.

9. (Optional) Liaison with service providers. I can provide support to your graphic designer, web designer, publisher etc. to make sure copy and directions are executed smoothly.

10. (Optional) Post-submission check and review. This is not always necessary, but sometimes it’s prudent to look over a piece before it is published or goes to production; errors can creep in, especially when copy is handled by multiple parties.

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