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Business Writing For Results

ATTENTION SPANS ARE SHORTER THAN EVER. You can’t afford to sacrifice clear communication with your customers, prospects, colleagues, investors – or anyone who matters to the success of your business.

Whether you need communications expertise or a fresh perspective on making your point, I may already have a solution that meets your needs.

I’ve been communicating for businesses of all shapes and sizes for 30 years. I’ve also written, edited and published books across the spectrum of business, including Creative Brand Communications, E-marketing Channels, Successful Leadership in Practice, A Licence to Print Money, Real People Strategy and others. 

This experience, combined with my logical methodology, can leverage your expertise and industry knowledge to make your messages and published material clearer, more powerful, accurate and persuasive.

Whether a sales proposal, letter, media comms, white paper or a business book … I’ll work with you to create a piece that achieves your goal.

Optimise Your Communications With Business Editing

What if your document were easier to read but said twice as much?

Although absolutely essential, good business editing should go further than spelling, grammar and punctuation. It also needs to embrace the goal of your writing and keep your reader reading. To achieve this I’ll optimise the content, structure and flow of your writing, whatever the subject matter and however many authors contribute.

Examples of the subjects I’ve worked with include: business, leadership, marketing, advertising, human resources, wealth creation, personal development, digital marketing, investment, technology and many specialist commercial areas.

I’ll also help you persuade powerfully by applying a toolbox of advanced copywriting techniques. This approach will ensure your piece not only communicates facts and knowledge effectively, but also engages the reader and delivers on your objectives.

Smart Content Marketing

Start and maintain the conversations that build fruitful and enduring customer relationships for both sales and brand.

Whether blogs and articles, white papers, newsletters, books, ebooks and more, I’ll help you showcase your knowledge, expertise and thought leadership to get your brand known and trusted by the people who matter. This could be anything from publishing a book, to creating newsworthy material that makes the business pages.

I can also help you create the strategy and planning that will deliver a successful content campaign – better connecting you with your readers at every crucial point in the relationship journey.

Ghostwriting That Tells Your Story the Way You Want

You’re the expert on your business; I’m the expert in writing about and delivering what you know, turning your business knowledge into refined business writing (like I did with this book and article and others).

I’ll work with you to gather raw material before visualising how the piece will look and unfold with a consistent voice, structure and flow to your story. Then watch your words come to life as each section of your book, article or essay falls into place.

“Vince’s understanding of technology and ICT concepts formed the necessary foundation for us to explain exactly what we wanted to convey. He gave a valuable outside perspective on our communications and was up to speed in plenty of time … In hindsight we should have started using Write Concepts earlier. It saves us valuable time and relieves us from the stress of updating essential business documentation, which usually tends to be neglected due to the effort it takes us to ‘try’ to do I good job of it.”

Lo-Ammi Fourie

CEO, Data Afrique

“Vince gave us excellent results from just 1 meeting and 2 e-mails, so the time involved was used extremely effectively. As well as quality copy – with all the right grammar and spelling in place – we also get good search results from well-written brand messages, all within the limited space of a website.”

Jacolet van Heerden

Exceed Group

“The initial challenge was how to relate complex ideas and concepts in a logical and understandable style, and to a discerning international readership – not a simple task. As the book came together, Vince’s clear advantages of business acumen and empathy with the reader became clear and led to the creation of a quality business publication, fuelled by highly skilled writing and plenty of good ideas.”

Christopher M A Staines BSc FCA

Greenhouse Venture Capital

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