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Samples consist of work in the launched / published format and as copy decks and drafts in submission form (with sensitive or confidential material omitted).

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Investment & Finance

Consumer & Other

By Media / Discipline:

Ads (Full-page ad – Calligraph Design), (Print ad – martech solutions), (Pure-full-page ad), (Ad – Shoe City), (In-store display – Shoe City), (Ad – Salt-water chlorinators)

Articles – Feature (Ghostwritten article – change management in the semiconductor industry), (Ghostwritten article – leader profile, Entrepreneur Magazine), (Article – Creative Brand Communications), (Ghostwritten article – eMarketing Channels), (Ghostwritten article – TechRepublic, Overcoming the Barriers of AI-led digitization), (Article – SECZ Certified Advisors Ease Fears of Financial Scandal), (Article – Which Currencies to Invest With Today)

Articles – Thought-Leadership (Ghostwritten article – Employer Brand), (Article – Fast Email Response, the New Frontline for Inbound Marketers), (Ghostwritten article – Commercial Invention Strategy), (Ghostwritten article – Managing Innovation), (Ghostwritten article – Internal Communications), (Ghostwritten article – A Great Brand is the Business), (Article – How do Investors find Safety and Growth Away from Mutual Funds?

Blog Posts (Blog post – SA Black Economic Empowerment), (Blog post – Recovering Data from Apple Computers), (Blog post – Data Recovery from Microsoft Windows), (Blog post – Honey and Products from the Beehive

Books Written / Published (Authored book – Persuasive & Creative Brand Communications), (Ghostwritten book – The Science of Getting Rich)  

Books – Ghostwritten (Ghostwritten book – Successful Leadership in Practice),  (Ghostwritten book – eMarketing Channels)

Brochures (Brochure – Mazars forensic accounting), (Brochure – Credit Management Software), (Brochure – corporate ethics statement), (Brochure copy – PageMan), (Brochure copy – Mazars corporate finance services), (Brochure – Bullseye Financial Advisors), (Brochure – Financial services software solutions), (Brochure – Making Africa Make Sense for Institutional Investors), (Brochure – Africa investment solutions), (Brochure – Guide to AG Unit Trusts),  (Brochure – The ABC of Success event)

Case Studies (Case study – Salesforce Marketing Cloud), (Case study – Email Analytics), (Case studies – fund transition), (Case study – Pension fund investment strategy), (Case study – hedge fund reporting), (Case study – Private equity advisory)  

Customer Communications (Client comms letter

Data Sheets (Data sheet – Allan Gray Money Market Fund

Direct Mail (Direct mail campaign – First National Bank)

Email Marketing (Sales email – DOMO), (Email campaign – Hardware Online), (Email campaign – corporate summer social), (Email campaign – Ladbrokes)

Journalism (Review – You Were Never Really Here by Jonathon Ames), (Lise Meitner, Of Sewing, Science and Scruples), (Press article – Investing in this Year’s Hottest London Thriller Movie)  

Newsletters (Newsletter – Mazars), (Newsletter – Group1 Nissan)

Media / Press Releases  (Press release – MMR merger), (Press release – Belinked website launch), (Press release – G-Force Engineering launch), (Press release – Lisa Nichols Chicken Soup for the Soul Tour), (Press release – Gracestand Ergonomics), (Press release – Textlock Security), (Press release – Email response management), (Press release – Alexanders Removals

Product Naming (Product naming schedule: Reboot)

Prospectus (Investment in the film Cordelia

Radio Commercial (Radio spot – FBC student loans

Sales Letters (Video sales letter script – online trading market

Special Reports (Special report – ISP response times)

Voiceover Script (Voiceover script – Zaprint wall coverings

Web Copy (Web copy – TimetoReply home page), (Web page – Who We Are, Riscura), (Web page – Asset Manager Transition Management), (Web page – Exceed, Risk management), (Website – BEE Empowered home page), (Website – Business Education, Shoulders of Giants), (Web copy – Colourpit, About page), (Web page – Colourpit, print design services), (Website – Professional Cost Consultant), (Website copy – Brand&Me brand & promotional), (Website – Azapi Online Marketing), (Website sales page – SalesforceMC implementation),  (Website sales page – Acceleration martech services), (Web page – PCC Engineering and Cost Management),  (Website – Data Detect home page), (Website – MH I.T. Outsourcing), (Website copy – Medivate, Medical Data Processing), (Web page – strategic asset allocation), (Web page – tactical asset allocation), (Web page – Compliance consulting and reporting), (Web copy – Finadd Credit Management), (Web page – Asset Manager Allocation), (Web page – Investment Strategy), (Webpage – fund accounting & reporting), (Web page – Pension Fund Advisory – Who We Are), (Web copy – Satrix Tracker Funds, ‘Why Us?’ page), (Web copy – Why Index Funds?), (Website – Vitality and Discovery Life homepage), (Website sales page – The Bed King), (Web copy – Omniform Luxury Homes), (Web copy – Reboot Health Juices homepage), (Web copy – Reboot About page), (Website – Duram Paints), (Web copy – Duram Paints About Us page), (Website – Mark van Wyk), (Website – Extra Attic home page) (Website – Krystal Klear Spa & Pool), (Website copy – anywhereinafrica.com), (Website – Sureslim

Website Review (Sample website critique – Going4gold)

White Papers (White paper – Rogue Protocols), (White paper – Multimodality), (White paper – AI in Virtual Support)


By Product / Subject:


Accounting, Audit, Tax & Advisory (Brochure – Mazars forensic accounting), (Brochure – corporate ethics statement), (Newsletter – Mazars), (Press release – MMR merger), (Web page – Exceed, Risk management)  

Business Publishing (Authored book – Persuasive & Creative Brand Communications), (Ghostwritten book – The Science of Getting Rich)  

Business Services (Blog post – SA Black Economic Empowerment), (Press release – Belinked website launch), (Website – BEE Empowered home page)  

Change Management (Ghostwritten article – change management in the semiconductor industry

E- Learning (Website – Business Education, Shoulders of Giants)  

Engineering (Press release – G-Force Engineering launch)  

Event Promotion & Management (Press release – Lisa Nichols Chicken Soup for the Soul Tour)  

Graphic Design (full-page ad – Calligraph Design), (Web copy – Colourpit, About page), (Web page – Colourpit, print design services)  

Hardware (Email campaign – Hardware Online)  

Human Resources (Ghostwritten article – Employer Brand)   

Industrial Services (Website – Professional Cost Consultant

Innovation (Ghostwritten article – Commercial Invention Strategy), (Ghostwritten article – Managing Innovation), (Press release – Gracestand Ergonomics), (Press release – Textlock Security

Internal Communications (Ghostwritten article – Internal Communications)   

Management & Leadership (Ghostwritten article – leader profile, Entrepreneur Magazine), (Ghostwritten book – Successful Leadership in Practice)  

Manufacturing (Ghostwritten article – Mindset shifts manufacturers need for planning 4IR technology

Marketing and Brand (Article – Creative Brand Communications), (Article – Fast Email Response, the New Frontline for Inbound Marketers), (Ghostwritten article – Growing the Core Brand), (Ghostwritten article – A Great Brand is the Business), (Website copy – Brand&Me brand & promotional)  

Marketing, Digital (print ad – martech solutions), (Ghostwritten article – eMarketing Channels), (Ghostwritten book – eMarketing Channels) (Website – Azapi Online Marketing), (Case study – Salesforce Marketing Cloud), (Website sales page – SalesforceMC implementation), (Website sales page – Acceleration Martech services)

Mining (Web page – PCC Engineering and Cost Management)

Finance & Investment:

Asset Management (Case studies – fund transition), (Web page – Asset Manager Transition Management

Capital & Wealth Management (Article – How do Investors find Safety and Growth Away from Mutual Funds?

Compliance & Regulation (Web page – Compliance consulting and reporting), (Article – SECZ Certified Advisors Ease Fears of Financial Scandal

Corporate Finance (Brochure copy – Mazars corporate finance services

Financial Planning / IFA (Article – Which Currencies to Invest With Today), (Brochure – Bullseye Financial Advisors

Financial Technology (Fintech) (Brochure – Credit Management Software), (Brochure – Financial services software solutions), (Web copy – Finadd Credit Management)

Frontier-Market Investment (Brochure – Making Africa Make Sense for Institutional Investors), (Brochure – Africa investment solutions

Fund Management (Web page – Asset Manager Allocation

Institutional Investment (Web page – Investment Strategy), (Case study – Pension fund investment strategy

Investment Accounting (Webpage – fund accounting & reporting

Investment Analytics (Case study – hedge fund reporting)

Investment Advisory – Institutional (Web page – Who We Are, Riscura)  

Investment Management (Data sheet – Allan Gray Money Market Fund), (Client comms letter)

Investment Strategy (Web page – strategic asset allocation), (Web page – tactical asset allocation

Mutual Funds (Web copy – Satrix Tracker Funds, ‘Why Us?’ page), (Web copy – Why Index Funds?) (Brochure – Guide to AG Unit Trusts

Private Equity (Case study – Private equity advisory

Medical Cover (Direct mail campaign – First National Bank), (Website – Vitality and Discovery Life homepage)

Motion Picture Investment (Prospectus – Investment in the film Cordelia), (Press article – Investing in this Year’s Hottest London Thriller Movie

You know a good writer writes better than anyone in-house, but will they understand your business and what you are trying to say, will they know how to make the most of the various media, especially the all important web site? Can they handle complexity and make it read clearly and simply? And will they be able to work to your deadlines which are always very tight?

Write Concepts delivers on this. One thing that impressed me particularly was the background research that Vince does – he constantly keeps on top of latest best practice in his field and was more knowledgeable about writing and messaging for the Internet than we were.

He was also a very good team player and got the best out of all of us to help him deliver what we needed. Definitely someone I’d work with again.

Mark Sherrington

Founder, Added Value Group; Former Global Marketing Director, SABMiller

What’s the biggest hurdle when planning an effective business website? Budget Budget Budget! However the value in uniformity as well as easy-reading and flowing text is invaluable for a professional services website like ours.

Fortunately Vince gave us excellent results from just 1 meeting and 2 e-mails, so the time involved was used extremely effectively. As well as quality copy – with all the right grammar and spelling in place – we also get good search results from well-written brand messages, all within the limited space of a website.

Our website clearly shows that going the Write Concepts route is a good business decision!

Jacolet van Heerden

Exceed Group

Vince, all I can say is that you NAILED IT!

What you have done is so professional and spot on that I find it hard to even comment… I think this is perfect.

Ashley Adir

Managing Director, Vegas Kings

Vince is a brilliant creative problem solver. I present him with challenges on a regular basis and he always comes up with the goods. He created the name and tagline for my radio show, which perfectly encapsulated what the station was looking for. His thinking and advice continually improve results, whatever we are working on.

He is familiar with the way in which different companies and industries work, so can call on different strategies to suit the occasion. And because he continuously reads and improves his own learning, he is a genius at coming up with solutions to business challenges – an asset to any company or individual that needs relevant knowledge and different thinking brought to the table.

Vince’s high writing standards mean that his copy is always perfect – and he makes sure that mine is the best that I can produce. A recent example was my short bio, that he took through seven or eight drafts until he was happy.

Personally, Vince is always a listening ear, highly aware and ideal to have in a modern corporate setting, as he brings humanity and compassion to all situations. Being affable and easy-going, he can handle stress easily and, as such, is a vital team player; able to reflect and deliver, however chaotic or pressurised the environment.

Rani Singh

Broadcast journalist and producer

The initial challenge was how to relate complex ideas and concepts in a logical and understandable style, and to a discerning international readership – not a simple task.

As the book came together, Vince’s clear advantages of business acumen and empathy with the reader became clear and led to the creation of a quality business publication, fuelled by highly-skilled writing and plenty of good ideas.

Christopher M A Staines BSc FCA

Greenhouse Venture Capital

At first my concerns about hiring a professional writer were about where to find a good one and thinking the benefits would be something only big companies get.

This was not the case. You gave me a clear indication of what I will get, what it will cost and when I will get it. The best thing was you really got into my head to understand 100% what message I wanted to get across. And then came back with something even better!

The great thing is your interest in your clients. You really have a great ability to lead your client, you research every project well, giving you a great knowledge about the project, and then discuss it with your client to get their creative juices flowing.

I never realised how important professional copy was, and what it can do for a business, until I started using your services.

Wim van Ryswyk

Director, BrandOn Creative

We are experts in a narrow industry vertical, but our target audience consists of mainly sophisticated business and financial decision makers. These people expect quality writing with clear messages in a language they understand.

Vince’s understanding of technology and ICT concepts formed the necessary foundation for us to explain exactly what we wanted to convey. He gave a valuable outside perspective on our communications and was up to speed in plenty of time.

Vince’s approach was not prescriptive, but “translating” our message into interesting and understandable copy to reach decision makers who are not necessarily technically knowledgeable.

In hindsight we should have started using Write Concepts earlier. It saves us valuable time and relieves us from the stress of updating essential business documentation, which usually tends to be neglected due to the effort it takes us to “try” to do I good job of it.

Lo-Ammi Fourie

CEO, Data Afrique

At Azapi we like working with people that take pride in their service or product. We certainly have been getting this type of service from you. You are always open to suggestions, easy going, but have the right attitude to educate us in the right direction, which is greatly appreciated.

You’ve been helpful in bringing us to understand the real value of professional copywriting with fast, effective work and we’ve really enjoyed working with you.

Jacobus van Niekerk

Azapi Online Marketing

I had an amazing experience working with Vince. He’s very talented at what he does and manages to pierce through the information you provide, to deliver that clear concise message.

I will most certainly be using his services in the future and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who needs an expert copywriter.

Andrew Green


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