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Ghostwriting Thought Leadership and Industry-Leading Expertise into an Easy-to-Understand Business Book


By their nature, business leaders are busy – leading businesses. They don’t have months to sit and write down their wealth of knowledge and expertise. Even if they have the specialist experience to structure a manuscript, getting too close to the subject material can prove more than a distraction. My job was to step in and surmount these challenges, crafting raw knowledge and content into a book that delivers practical how-to advice and wisdom for eMarketing newcomers.

The Client

An online business publisher, offering a wide range of leading business expertise from top business experts and thought-leaders in the form of books, articles, videos and direct advice. The author: Vinny Lingham, founder of Yola, IncuBeta, Synthasite and Clicks2Customers, a highly respected Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing company (reportedly driving more online traffic than any other agency in the USA).

The Challenge

To create “a fast guide to start implementing powerful eMarketing strategies in the most efficient way”, from a world-renowned Internet entrepreneur – and to do so in less than 30,000 words. The book needed to convey concisely the very broad and complex subject of eMarketing, while providing a way for beginners to implement the various tactics in their businesses right away

The Solution

To take raw footage of on-camera interviews and transform it into a story structure that would meet the project objectives. I then added a little background research to add clarifying facts and translated what the author had told me into a form that both met the brief and retained his unique voice.

The Result

A book that takes the reader on a journey to understand the fundamental pillars of eMarketing, told in simple terms with key take-outs along the way that show how to fit the various components together in a real-world context. I also repurposed the main sections of the book down to a concise 3,000-word article for download and media distribution.

Feedback from readers:

‘The trouble with internet marketing is you are afraid to show your ignorance. This really laid it out in a way that I could understand and inspired me to learn more.’

‘I admit we have a big budget for on-line marketing but I did not really understand what the options were, the pro’s and cons. This really helped me work out how to integrate everything.’

‘Vinny Lingham is great at talking you through what is available in e-marketing. This has given me much more confidence.’

“We have a big budget for on-line marketing but I did not really understand what the options were, the pros and cons. This really helped me work out how to integrate everything.”

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