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Media and Search Success, Driving Increased Sales, Leads and Revenues for This Tech Venture


Getting results for products based on a new concept can be a huge challenge. Here I devised a way to drive leads to this tech startup, while explaining in simple terms why their proposition makes sense for any business today.

The Client

A tech venture with a SaaS (software as a service) solution to help companies operate more efficiently and optimise sales and lead generation. By analysing and improving response times to an organisation’s email communications the solution improves sales and customer-support teams’ performance.

The Challenge

Although the proposition is a simple one, it is an entirely new concept to most businesses. This required copy to educate as well as sell. I recommend awareness would be gained through extensive SEO article marketing and targeted public relations in the business news media.

The Solution

Search-optimised online content and tighter, more concise website copy helped drive more traffic to the site and make the case for implementing timetoreply.

To further increase public awareness I recommended a ‘news-making’ public relations campaign. Here we targeted a specific industry, starting with Internet service providers, and secretly surveyed all 156 of the main industry players. Each company was emailed several times and the email response times measured empirically.

I then complied the resulting data into a report, with commentary and take-outs that highlighted the need for faster response.

The Result

A media campaign that led to the report being covered in the Sunday Times and a number of national business publications. Lead generation performance was boosted immediately, with an increase in multiples of inbound leads from both the PR campaign and search-engine-optimised content marketing.

“Vince positioned our message clearly and made the point that fast email response is not only vital but a real competitive advantage for businesses online. The exposure we got was not only surprisingly broad but much more cost-effective than we expected. Along with the search-optimised content, many more people know the importance of replying to emails faster and are using timetoreply as a result.”


Dane Spear

CEO, Time to Reply

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