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Using Printed Book Publishing to Boost Brand and Drive New Revenues


Conceived as an accompaniment to the film The Secret, this is the book that originally inspired the groundbreaking movie, reprinted and aligned with the client’s mission.

The Client

Going4Gold International, a company with a mission to promote financial empowerment and professional growth had secured distribution rights to a globally successful movie.

The Challenge

To create a complementary product that would promote the client’s brand and its founder as a thought leader around the popularity of the movie The Secret. At the same time it should be good enough to create new revenues by selling in bookstores and online.

The Solution

The book The Science of Getting Rich was the book that inspired The Secret and helped it onto record-breaking sales around the world. Originally written at the turn of the twentieth century, I sourced a text of the original book, updated it to appeal to a modern reader and created a story around the client’s founder that aligned with both her mission and the identity of The Secret. I then managed the publishing process end-to-end, with an initial print run of 5,000 copies.

The Result

The updating of the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, not only supported the movie’s launch and promotion, but also went on general sale in bookshops nationwide – making a concrete link between the success of The Secret and the client’s range of self-development offerings.

“Vince, you are a wizard with words. The pen is in your hand and you write my story.”


Dilana Howell

Owner and Founder, Going4Gold International

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