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Client Story: Investment Services Website Copywriting

Demonstrating the true value of a leading investment advisory firm

Summary: Investment Website Copywriting

The client required an investment-savvy copywriter who could simplify complex concepts and clearly demonstrate how working with Riscura leads to better investment decisions. Success would be measured by increased reputation and lead generation, from a website that would also pave the way for future growth.


The Client

RisCura is a global provider of investment advisory, administration and analytics services. It provides investment decision support, strategy advice and management across developed and emerging markets. The firm advises clients with combined assets of more than US$200 billion.


The Challenge

The overall objective was to showcase how engaging with RisCura results in expert-led and better-performing investment decisions. This needed to be underpinned throughout with explanations and tone that conveyed the highest levels of investment expertise, from teams of highly-capable professionals who genuinely care about lifting their clients’ performance. 

Most importantly, the copywriting needed to speak to readers at every level of understanding, while avoiding any of the stuffiness often associated with the investment arena. 

Overcoming this challenge meant clearly explaining a sophisticated and wide-ranging suite of institutional investment services. The audience’s knowledge and experience ranged from newcomer to highly sophisticated. Hence the copy needed to resonate with a diverse audience – from newly appointed pension-fund trustees and administrators to asset managers, hedge fund specialists and more. 

However, although focus was on the website, there was a general lack of coherency across brand messaging that needed to be addressed first. This came about largely because the range of offerings had evolved over years. Consequently, although the company’s services had matured internally, they had not yet been articulated well enough within the marketing to engage enough of the right target prospects.


The Solution

Making things clear and simple is always a good idea. Especially in institutional investment services, which many people find inaccessible, and where every service and solution is unique to a particular investment requirement.

I started with an in-depth discovery process that provided plenty of knowledge that would form the foundation of the website. This required uncovering processes, policy and practice and success stories, while interviewing stakeholders at all levels of the business. Deciding in advance what information would be most valuable was essential, considering there was an abundance of experts, such as actuarial scientists, physics PhDs, chartered accountants and specialists from across the spectrum of investment.

Deep mining the background was key to uncover what features and benefits would resonate most with the various target personas. In tandem with my competitive research this enabled me to define and organise RisCura’s offerings and how they worked with and supported each other. From here, I wrote copy that clearly presented RisCura as a very human group of leading investment experts with the credentials to support, and be trusted with, any institutional investment undertaking. 

The Result

Not only has the website received wide-ranging industry praise, the website copywriting led directly to increased market engagement and attracted a number of new clients. The company’s offerings are laid out simply, with features and benefits matched to relevant client needs. The voice and tone are welcoming and inspire confidence in RisCura’s investment expertise.

The website now clearly shows how different specialist services support others and where RisCura leverages this to give clients better insights, recommendations and industry intelligence. Clients can now see how RisCura will help them make informed decisions, based on sound data and likely future scenarios. 

Because the copywriting clearly defines the firm’s positioning and identity, it came to be used beyond the website and across RisCura’s global communications. 

One bonus of this project was that it helped identify current and future opportunities for the business. We also uncovered a number of new ideas for developing value propositions, which carried over to subsequent website updates.


The Response

“Thanks for a job well done … the copywriting is leaps and bounds ahead of anything we could have put together.”

 – Courtney Atkinson, Brand Manager, Riscura


You can read a sample of the website copy here.


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“Thanks for a job well done … the copy is leaps and bounds ahead of anything we could have put together.”

Courtney Atkinson

Brand Manager, Riscura

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