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Defining and Promoting Business Thought-Leadership and Publishing Across the Digital Space


Combining copywriting, marketing and business editing capability to help an online publisher both produce and market a range of top-class business publications.

The Client

A provider of high-level business information and thought-leadership. The company’s philosophy: to provide plenty of value for free while ensuring its information products and advice are both unique, convenient to consume and of the highest quality.

Moreover, in an online environment where business ‘gurus’ are ten a penny it offered the right thinking from the right expert, depending on the reader’s needs. Traditional business books are little help either, when their valuable nuggets of information are hidden away in reams of contextual padding.

The Challenge

The need was twofold: to write and edit the brand’s website and associated digital marketing materials and to advise on and edit the diverse range of business books and articles published under the Shoulders of Giants banner.

The Solution

Crafting and polishing the style and voice for the brand as its identity came together, ensuring both consistency and authority across the brand communications. At the same time I worked with a number of internationally acclaimed business experts and leaders, lending support at every stage of the production process – from editing to rewriting, ghostwriting and advising on structure – in areas such as leadership, marketing, human resources, business theory and digital marketing.

The Result

Clear and coherent messaging across the brand’s properties and publications, that helped Shoulders of Giants quickly establish itself as a source of unique business knowledge.

The brand came to solve one of the biggest problems in business and personal development today – too much information to investigate, yet too little time to absorb it.

The answer: to make available the latest thinking from the world’s top business experts – connecting smart people with the smartest business thought leaders in a way that is fast, flexible and entertaining, across a spectrum of essential disciplines.. And to make that thinking so powerful and concise that you get only the information you need, quickly and in a range of media to suit your lifestyle.


“Businesses need professional writers to provide copy for anything from a web site to a brochure and all the many other brand collaterals. The style, content and professionalism of well written copy is crucial to positioning the business and achieving the business goals. You know a good writer writes better than anyone in-house but will they understand your business and what you are trying to say, will they know how to make the most of the various media, especially the all important web site? Can they handle complexity and make it read clearly and simply? And will they be able to work to your deadlines which are always very tight! Write Concepts deliver on this. One thing that impressed me particularly was the background research that Vince does – he constantly keeps on top of latest best practice in his field and was more knowledgeable about writing and messaging for the internet than we were. He was also a very good team player and got the best out of all of us to help him deliver what we needed.”

Mark Sherrington

Founder, Shoulders of Giants; Former Global Marketing Director, SABMiller

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