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There are thousands of types of content, and thousands of ways still to deliver them – which can make it tough to know which will work for you best.

So why not start with some proven favourites that continue to pass the test of time?

1. Case Studies

A case study is an adventure story where you are the hero, your customer is the damsel in distress and there is a guaranteed happy ending. You get to demonstrate how you saved the day and prove your talents to your audience.

2. Articles

Article marketing has been around for years and is still being used today. Today you can use social media to turbo charge your articles viral potential many times …

3. Blog Posts

If the choice is between quality or quality in business blogging, choose the former. Ensure each blog post addresses particular issues and questions your readers have and enable and respond to comments. Also make sure to enable email signups and social links.

4. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

It sounds old hat, but a frequently asked questions page is still a valuable resource on your website. And it can help send your visitors to deeper, more relevant parts of your website.

5. A Website Q&A

Come across as more accessible and authentic by offering to answer questions not addressed on your FAQ page. The Q&A section of your website is a great place to engage with prospects while they are making a buying decision. And you’re openness will give people a taste of the pleasant experience of doing business with you.

6. Interview an Expert

Experts are naturally trusted. Whether it’s someone inside your organisation or an external resource your expert’s words will confer genuine authority that your brand will share by association.

7. Demonstrate With an Infographic

Simplify a complicated subject with an infographic. Whether a mind-map, process flow diagram or storyboard, you’re reader will absorb your story easily and quickly and be grateful for your smart thinking.

8. Video

There are plenty of places where video gets the point across in an entertaining and simple manner and translate into sales. Whether a brief monologue, how-to video or product demonstration, video content wins more fans and drives more people to websites than ever before.

9. The Free Download

A favourite of email marketers for years, the free download helps showcase the expertise and helpfulness behind your brand. Whether a special report, eBook or how-to guide, be sure to make it high quality and relevant. Your free download should be good enough to add value even with a price tag.

10. Publish a White Paper

Want to really advance your reputation as an authority? Produce a report or whitepaper on an area of your business customers want to know about. Even a close look into your products or services can be received as credible with the right supporting facts.

Well Chosen Content Takes You Right to Your Audience

Show your audience everywhere you really know your stuff with content in a form that’s easy to find and easy to digest. Each of the above types of content can be deployed to reach your audiences  in different places. The story might sound similar to you, but your audience will thank you for making the effort to reach them in the spaces they dwell in most.