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Four friends, one mission: lift raw nutrition to a new level

We all know how raw plant-based nutrition is key to achieving wellness, vitality and long life. It’s a standard our founders and staff live by every day and the very reason we started Reboot…

With a desire to be as healthy as possible, four committed raw juicing fans set about locating a cold pressed juicery that would honour their health and suit their busy lives. After they couldn’t find one in all South Africa, they set about establishing their own – built on genuine nutritional expertise and top-quality produce, underpinned by honest communication and genuinely helpful customer service.

And Reboot was born, providing a premium range of cold-pressed juices, cleanses and complementary health foods. Everything Reboot is rich in flavour and made to provide a complete nutritional experience, helping you to optimise and simplify wellbeing, however full your lifestyle.

Today Reboot stands for innovating and simplifying the cluttered arena of wellness. Through careful research, expert dietary advice and the latest in juicing technology, we take cold-pressed juicing to a new level. You certainly get delicious juices that enhance your health. But we also go beyond that: with scientifically balanced cleanses, bolstered with raw proteins and fibre that make ridding yourself of toxins a whole lot more beneficial and kinder to your body.

Everything we do is driven by one simple principle: if it’s not the best we can make and we don’t love it ourselves, we don’t offer it to our customers.

You can rely on Reboot to be:

  • Validated by research and created with the advice of a top nutritionist
  • Produced using the most efficient and hygienic juicing technology
  • Packaged and delivered to retain maximum flavour and freshness
  • Made with premium quality ingredients, combined for maximum flavour and nutritional balance
  • Really easy to order, receive and consume

Reboot Your Life
In a world beset with toxicity, obesity, stress, GMO foods and bogus quick fixes, we can genuinely promise you fresh nutrients in their rawest cold pressed form. Whether you want to ensure your 5-a-day, or to Reboot with a juice cleanse, we’ll make sure you get all the quality proteins, minerals and fibres you need for a healthy life.

We’re Always Here For You
Got a question about Reboot products or raw nutrition? Contact us anytime at info@rebootjuicery.co.za. Our team of product and nutrition specialists will lend help and support in any way we can.


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