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For the best results in print design, make sure your materials are created by a designer who is expert in all aspects of printing and reprographics.


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Print Design

There are a number of, somewhat misguided, people who think that print design is on the way out. Don’t bet on it. Even in the digital age print media still performs and gets noticed in more spaces than digital design ever has.

Apart from the old favourite print essentials like letterheads, business cards or annual reports, there is a multitude of other applications where paper-in-hand just feels more tangible, more valuable. If the reader infers such qualities from your marketing materials then that has to be good for business. And let’s face it, you can’t jot notes on a Web page, pass it around the table or stick it on the side of a building (not yet anyway).

So how do you know your design professional offers the right skills for print?

Making Your Print Design Work

Print design offers many opportunities to pack a heavyweight punch, yet it demands a flavour of skills and know-how unheard of in the digital arena. Knowing things like which printing process is most appropriate, the paper to use or how various elements work together are essential skills that will ensure your beautiful marketing materials will give maximum results and long service.

When designing your print materials we’ll consider much more than successful brand positioning. We’ll look at often forgotten points like the effects of handling, mailing requirements and cost-effectiveness. And we’ll work on relating your key messages without you having to do the telling in person. All this and more helps ensure your print designs deliver the biggest, most positive impression every time.

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