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Making the Case for This Leading Investment Services Consultancy


Making things clear and simple is always a good idea. Especially when the nature of services is so complex, and in an industry many struggle to understand: institutional investment. Even better if you can increase marketing R.O.I., uncover new opportunities and build a content platform that paves the way for future growth.

The Client

A global investment advisory and analytics firm, RisCura provides investment decision support, strategy advice and administration in developed and emerging markets, advising clients with combined assets of more than US$200 billion.

The Challenge

To clearly explain and position a complex and wide-ranging suite of institutional investment services to a diverse audience – from administrators to pension fund trustees, asset managers and hedge fund specialists. The universal objective was to educate and empower every member of the audience to show how engaging with RisCura leads to better-performing and informed investment decisions.

The Solution

Although the content focus was on the website, there was a general lack of coherency across the brand messaging that needed to be addressed first – largely due to a range of offerings that had evolved over years from an abundance of research, development and expertise.

The fundamental approach, then, was to define a structure for the content and build the story by interviewing stakeholders at all levels of the organisation. This was no simple task, considering the experts behind the offerings were mathematicians, actuarial scientists, physics PhDs, chartered accountants, risk specialists and various investment experts.

Mining the background was key. It enabled me to curate and organise not only the client’s offerings but also how those offerings worked with and supported each other. A side benefit of this process was it also helped identify new ways to communicate, along with future opportunities and threats for the business.

The Result

Not only has the website received tremendous praise, the content created is now being used across the client’s brand communications globally. A subsequent update around investment strategy and asset management brought even more of the firm’s offerings together, helping consolidate the services and brand identity and further clarifying communication on all levels.

“Thanks for a job well done … the copy is leaps and bounds ahead of anything we could have put together.”

Courtney Atkinson

Brand Manager, RisCura

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