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Making Africa Make Sense for Institutional Investors

AFRICA IS RISING… Most people are aware of it. But few know how to access the rich opportunities offered by a continent shrouded in uncertainty. Institutional investors still need better performance than they are offered at home, but with risk profiles they can actually see.

Africa is Ready, But Different

Today, Africa’s value lies not in commodities, but with its consumers. Yes, extractive industries and agriculture still play a big part in African economies. But it’s Africa’s educated, tech-savvy and urbanised middle classes that are creating present and future wealth. Populations are growing at an exponential rate and Africans are working harder and smarter on claiming their stakes in the burgeoning Lion economies. Moreover, inter-country trade and common business culture and practices make the African continent a simpler investment proposition than the frontier markets of, say, South America or Eastern Europe.

[caption, large text]“After a drought in investment in new generating capacity lasting almost three decades, blooms of new power plants are now sprouting across sub-Saharan Africa like acacia seeds after a rainstorm.”

– Economist, 27 September 2014


Investors still need answers to the difficult questions:

  • How can we find superior returns in Africa while quantifying risk and reducing uncertainty?
  • Can we invest in Africa in a way that is familiar to us, suits how we work and retains an acceptable level of protection?

The answer: an equity-based fund of funds with leading on-the-ground Africa expertise and an established European investment platform.

An African Investment Designed for Investors

RisCura and Principal Global Investors have partnered to provide a turnkey solution for institutional investors to access Africa. This fund of funds offers not only the level of governance and risk control investors require, but also a range of African listed equity investments that might not otherwise be accessible.

Benefits suited especially to institutional investors outside of Africa, include:

  • Diversity – a fund of funds structure and broad multi-manager selection skills mitigate among others, sector, single manager and geographical risk.
  • A familiar space – an investment platform based in Dublin offers a known operating environment and governance standards investors are already comfortable with.
  • Listed equity – African listed instruments that offer a logical balance of risk and performance, yet with richer potential than is offered in developed markets.


RisCura knows Africa like no other, with a proven track record of researching managers and working with local investors. Founded in 1999, RisCura today advises many of Africa’s largest institutional funds with collectively over $200 billion under management. Covering the full spectrum of investment advisory services in Africa, RisCura offers unparalleled local knowledge, data services and a full-service support offering for investors. RisCura’s 120 staff are located across the African continent and beyond, with offices in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, London and Boston.

Principal Global Investors

Principal Global Investors provides a proven asset management platform in Dublin and broad expertise in emerging markets and boutique asset-management. With experience across both developed and emerging markets, its globally trusted track-record grows through a network of specialised investment boutiques and teams, with focused expertise across the spectrum of managing the assets of pension and mutual fund businesses around the globe.

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