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‘If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants’.

– Sir Isaac Newton

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  • How it works and how you benefit [Anchored link]

Time-Efficient Business Learning

SOGiants.com gives you the highest return on time invested to stay ahead in business by learning from ‘Giants’ – the best business thought-leaders in their respective fields.

See further by standing on the shoulders of business Giants.

Latest thinking direct from top thought -leaders

Using careful selection of business gurus and the best digital formats available we make the best and latest business expertise accessible, engaging and inspiring.

Wide range of business topics – read, watch or listen

You can start by downloading a short eArticle or preview video on any topic [LINK] or Giant [LINK]. In just a few minutes you’ll get big ideas and advice you can use, direct from the expert.

You can then choose whether to invest more time to dig deeper and download the full length eBooks, videos or online tools.

For more detailed and personal advice, in most cases, the Giant or business thought-leader is available for an online consultation.

New Ideas in less than 10 minutes

In summary, you can:

  • Get the big ideas in less than 10 minutes, free and direct from business thought-leaders
  • Choose where to invest and explore in more detail
  • Decide whether you want to consult direct with the Giant or join an online webinar (limited places available)

Download for free before going deeper

Every title has free material to learn from straight away. You can then choose to pay for the longer versions only if it is relevant and useful to you to find out more.

Regular users can choose to purchase a subscription. Subscribing gives you unlimited access to all SOGiants.com material and titles. The ability to get the headlines first makes sure your valuable time is invested in the most productive way.

Regular Stimulation for Your Business Brain

We want to make the best business know-how available so you can put it to the best use in the shortest amount of time – whether you are:

  • A business leader or manager who needs to keep abreast of the best thinking
  • An owner/manager of an emerging business who needs to punch above your weight
  • A consultant or agency who wants to add value to your client work
  • A business school teacher or student who needs access to exclusive business materials
  • In business and need to find ideas and solutions – fast.

Other ways SOGiants.com helps you learn and to share your views

The SOGBlog [LINK] provides weekly updates on interesting new ideas, top book reviews and valuable business insights. Registered users [LINK] can add their comments and advice and submit their own blogs.

Earn&Learn Surveys [LINK] allow you to participate in questionnaires on important business topics. You learn more about the subject and, as a registered user, can benchmark your views against your peer group.

To see what’s available now click here [LINK].

Reviews of SOGiants.com [Anchored link]

Who is Shoulders of Giants? [Anchored link]

Like all good ideas, SOGiants.com was started by someone who could see what was needed but realised it was just not available.

Mark Sherrington is the Chairperson and Founder of SOGiants.com

Career highlights:

  • Brand Manager and then Marketing Director, Unilever (1977-1988)
  • Co-Founder and Chairperson, Added Value, Marketing Consultancy, now part of WPP (1988- 2002)
  • Director, SABMiller Plc (2002-2006)
  • Author, Added Value: The Alchemy of Brand-Led Growth

“Throughout my career I have always tried to read up on the best gurus and thought-leaders of the day. I really benefited for every hour I invested doing this, but there never seemed to be enough time. When I finally wrote my own book I realised that the best way to help people like me was to give them the headlines first – in the most concise, flexible and engaging way – and then let them decide whether this was what they needed and whether it merited them spending additional time to find out more.

Rather than write more books I decided to create a digital platform where the smartest thinkers could showcase their ideas and time-starved but curious business people could find the best experts in the most efficient way using the power of the internet”

Mark Sherrington.

The SOGiants Philosophy [Anchored link]

There is no shortage of experts and would-be experts out there. Thousands of books are published every month, while more and more conferences and seminars are announced. Moreover, the Internet makes fast access to information available on just about every subject in business – not to mention every other field.

The problem is there is just too much information out there and too little time to find the really good stuff. Even when you do locate what you want, you first need the value of these ideas made available upfront, without too much detail. You need to decide if the information is relevant before you proceed to spend time and money to look further.

This is not just a problem for you, the individual, but for society as a whole. Successful business is crucial to the development of a prosperous world and all the local communities that support it. The more we can do to get the best business thinking into the hands of the best business people the more innovative and efficient business and society will become.

The Internet can be an incredible facilitator for this. But the faster new information is uploaded to the Web the more ‘filters’ and ‘aggregators’ are needed (not just search engines) to help people find what is most valuable to them. SOGiants.com exists to fulfil this role in the crucial area of business.

SOGiants.com is a profit making business. We still believe profit is the best way to ensure resources, time and attention are allocated to the best and most efficient business ideas. However, we are passionate about business and are proud of our endeavour – to build an efficient and worthwhile business by helping an ambitious and curious business community stand on the Shoulders of Giants.

Please help us by recommending potential Giants and topics you think should be featured and by sharing what you learn with others. And, please, feel free to join us by registering here [LINK TO REGISTRATION] and help yourself by standing on the Shoulders of Giants!


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