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Product Brochure Writing (ICT)

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IBM and PSINet

As e-business becomes the norm, firms’ online offerings are growing rapidly. What begins as an add-on sales channel can soon become a separate business in its own right. And today’s start-ups are turning into the major players of tomorrow. With such explosive growth, companies are looking for online ‘homes’ that can grow with them.

PSINet, the world’s leading independent corporate Internet Service Provider (ISP), is using IBM’s RS/6000 servers as a core computing platform for one of its e-business hosting services. The RS/6000’s stability and scalability make it the ideal solution for PSINet in supporting its customers’ mission-critical e-business applications.

PSINet: dedicated to customers

PSINet is the world’s largest independent ISP, providing leased line and dial-up access through more than 800 points-of-presence worldwide. The company’s global switched Frame Relay network is purpose-built for Internet applications. Ian Henderson, Sales Director at PSINet explains: “Our service is unique in that it’s dedicated to IP traffic. That enables us to offer a much higher quality of service than telephone companies or router-only ISPs operating over a voice network. Our customers effectively have their own channel through the net. The consistent bandwidth makes it much easier to predict the performance of Internet applications.”

With customers’ hosting requirements becoming more demanding as their e-business activities evolve, PSINet recognised an opportunity for a fully scalable hosting solution. “e-business is growing so fast customers’ requirements are changing all the time,” Henderson explains. “We needed the flexibility to upgrade the hosting service as the customer’s business grew and also to house different sizes of e-businesses alongside each other.”

This requirement was further reinforced by the growth of server-based computing. Operating as an Application Service Provider (ASP), PSINet delivers business applications to customers over leased lines under an annual contract. “Many organisations today are looking to outsource their whole IT setup,” says Henderson. “With the ASP model they’re buying a service rather than infrastructure. As well as major savings in personnel and equipment it gives them access to technology they couldn’t have afforded before. And it allows senior management greater control over IT decisions.”

RS/6000: the scalable e-business solution

When it came to selecting a technology platform for PSINet’s fixed-price e-business hosting service the RS/6000 offered the ideal solution. Proposals developed by Unitech, an IBM reseller, and Cogent Business Systems, an IBM Business Partner, clearly proved the business case. “Basically, the RS/6000 offered the opportunity to host e-business applications on a supercomputer. We found that very exciting,” says Henderson. [Continues]



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